Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bedroom update

Over the weekend, I stayed at my parents' house to dogsit while they were out of town. While I was away, my roommate did a little organizing and redecorating and it got me inspired. When I first moved in to my apartment, I was so enthusiastic about getting my room all set up and decorated, and I've been happy with it for a while. But recently, my room is starting to feel unfinshed — like it's missing something.

So yesterday, I decided I need to add a little desk/office area to my room. While I don't do a ton of work at home, I think a desk would help me stay a little more organized, encourage me to not spend so much time in my bed and hopefully help me stay focused and write some more! Can a piece of furniture really do all that? I hope!

I spent a lot of the day picturing a desk in different spots in my room and found the perfect spot! My bed and wall with a window create a perfect nook for a little desk and cute chair. I can't wait until the weather is warm enough for me to open the window and sit at my desk and just get inspired. I'm so excited to start desk (and accessory and drape) shopping and to finally put the finishing touches on my room! After all, it's looking like my roommate and I will be hanging around the place for a while longer than we expected!!